Samoa sinks japan in pacific five nations

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Samoa sinks japan in pacific five nations

1:44 p.m.

The latest news on Samoa's quest for gold after its three-goal win over Japan: The country hasn't lost in the top five since winning the 2007 Asian Games.

The score for the last time in 2017, it also was announced, was 3-1.

It's another impressive performance on one hand, but also in other areas, as the visitors have won five of the last six meetings this month in Japan, a record. And the home side has picked up four of the last six points, too.

Saturday was already a bit of a win in the game -- the visitors' only attempt to make a real difference so far comes through a Jaro Vidosic goal after half-time in the quarterfinal series-clinching 2-1 in Tokyo.

So far this season, the Samoan men have outscored their opponents 1,858 to 742.

Samoa, in contrast, have outscored their opponents 2,922 to 2,839, and t카지노 사이트hey remain the most dangerous team in the country, with Samoa already having defeated Australia in the semifinal.

It would have been easy for the Samoan side to turn the situation on its head, however, and, as a result, they were unable to come from behind to score on a late goalscoring attempt from Tom Rogic, and have now lost seven of their last eig우리카지노ht matches.

With that, they look like they have hit a brick wall.

The win over Japan, and the fact their scoreline and record stands there, means they are currently tied with Australia on the pace, and are three matches up on Japan in the overall lead. And if Japan can win its next match against the host nation, Samoa will still be sitting in seventh place, w더킹카지노ith two matches in hand.

The victory over Japan in Japan was Samoa's 18th in the last 19 games

Japan have had four clean sheets this week, including two draws against Samoa, and their five goals to the home side's four were their second-highest all-time, trailing only the 1998-99 season.

"We know this victory has given us a good reason to go out to our next game against Italy, which we have to play in Rome if we want to have a chance of being European champions," said goalkeeper Daniele Arlott.

Arlott, who has started just nine matche